The Main Mistakes in Sex That Should Be Avoided

The Main Mistakes in Sex That Should Be Avoided

Not all men notice and know what mistakes they make during sex. But all this is well-known, noticed, and understood by women. Even the most experienced men make serious mistakes in sex. Women developed a series of recommendations, following which the representatives of the stronger sex can avoid a number of sometimes fatal situations.

And here they are, the most frequent and unpleasant sex mistakes.

  • A man wants everything and immediately

Women prefer to try something interesting with partners they trust. This doesn’t happen immediately. You should never rush them and try to force events. Introduce new positions and open your fantasies gradually but confidently.

  • A man starts a stupid talk

Talk only about how she turns you on and how good you feel with her. During sex, you shouldn’t look at anything besides her (not even at your favorite sports programs). In the female hierarchy of male crimes, this is even worse than having sex in socks. Why? It’s not clear, just remember as an axiom. By the way, Italians have calculated that couples who don’t have a TV in the bedroom have sex twice often than those who have it.

  • A man shows passivity

Despite the total victory of feminism, a woman still loves to be the object of attention. She is not interested in being a leader in bed and doing everything by herself. Only very few ladies from any single women gallery like the role of the sexual aggressor. So if you did so, this was a sex mistake.

  • A man doesn’t worry about protection

Ladies believe that condoms are a man’s duty. It is your responsibility to buy them in advance. However, it is also the biggest sex mistakes that women make. Nothing so often destroys couples as sexually transmitted diseases.

  • A man talks about her former

This is just like mania of some men. “What is about your ex? I wonder if he was better than me.” – All this is a demonstration of one’s own uncertainty. And she will not tell you the truth anyway.

  • A man leaves lights on

Thus, a woman can’t concentrate on the process. She is forced to keep thinking of whether she looks sexy enough.

  • A man pays little attention to foreplay

We have already said many times and will not tire of repeating: women need foreplay! And it has to begin not even in a bedroom, but on a date that is full of embraces, tender kisses, and frank conversations. From time to time, we all experience a fit of passion, when it is unreasonable to waste time on foreplay. However, this doesn’t always happen and usually foreplay favors the incitement of passion. Whether it is long or short depends on your ability to feel a partner. Lack of foreplay is fraught with the fact that a partner will not experience orgasm, which means that she will want to forget the night spent with you as soon as possible. Believe me, foreplay turns on women much more than watching a porn movie together!

  • A man doesn’t care about himself

No wonder that a woman didn’t want to have sex with a man who hasn’t been in the shower for days or hasn’t changed his T-shirt for 3 days.

  • A man ignores the language of her body

In most cases, women hesitate to say directly what they expect from a partner in sex, but their body signals about it. Just don’t ignore these signs. Watch how she responds to your touches and you can understand how to caress her.

  • A man treats a woman disrespectfully

If you watch porn and think that all women love hard sex, you are mistaken. Of course, a woman can play up to you at the beginning of the process, but then her reaction will be extremely negative. If you really are fascinated with this kind of sex, you need to be completely confident that your partner has the same views on rudeness. Don’t make these sex mistakes.

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